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Are You Ready to Start Your Own Cleaning Business With YIHONG?
road sweeper Manufacturer YIHONG is a cutting-edge, innovative and professional cleaning Machinery with over 29 years of experience in the industry. Yihong was first established back in 1986, and since then has expanded into several markets including Europe, Africa and Asia. Read more about YIHONG here.
Sweeping and Pollution Control FAQ
 road sweeper  Believe it or not, one way to reduce air and water pollution is to sweep it off the streets, typically using road sweepers. That's why the CHINA recognizes street sweepers as a valuable tool in the fight against pollution.
An Overview of Power Sweeping Equipment Technology - New Technology High Efficiency Sweepers
street sweeper This is a relatively new technology that employs various fugitive dust loss controls. The roster of current high-efficiency sweepers includes a variety of different types of machines, including vacuum, regenerative air and one known mechanical broom machine, for example, to efficiently remove accumulated particulate material (PM) and associated organic material.
An Overview of Power Sweeping Equipment Technology - Regenerative Air Sweepers
 Regenerative Air Sweepers  Generally speaking, regenerative air systems are more environmentally friendly than are vacuum or mechanical broom sweepers. There are several factors that contribute to this.
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