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Classification of high pressure cleaning machine
 high pressure washer  According to the motive, it is divided into diesel driven high pressure cleaning machine, gasoline engine driven high pressure washer, motor driven high pressure washer three. The differences of these three are that the use of diesel, gasoline engine, which is connected to the motor drive high-pressure pump.
Future Development of Construction Machinery
Construction Machinery  With the development of science and technology, the variety and quantity of construction machinery will also continue to increase.A lot of resources are consumed, and emissions, dust and noise generated by construction also left a very bad impact on the environment.
What is the Difference between Cylindrical and Disk Scrubbing ?
Floor Scrubber  Disk Scrubbing: Disk scrubbers wash, or strip wax from the floor. Disk machines offer easy to change, variably aggressive, pads or brushes. These features make disk scrubbers ideal for retail applications where pads are not only inexpensive, but offer a great deal of surface contact for scuff mark control and floor shine. When aggressive pads are coated with the stripped wax, they can be conveniently thrown away.
Our company has manufactured new products this month
 road sweeper


Our company has manufactured new products this month

This month we have several kinds of new products.

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