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Maintenance of road sweeper’s eyes

What’s the eyes of the road sweeper? The eyes of people is an organ that can feel the light. The simple structure of eyes can feel the light and shade, turn the things that seen to the brain by nervus , and make it an image finally. The eyes of the road sweeper also used for observation of the surroundings. In the course of the sweeping and cleaning, road sweeper need batter eyes in order to see the things from the dust.

The headlamp of the truck, just as the eyes. It shows the drivers meaning,especially in the dark night. It can light your way. Then it’s important to maintenance the road sweeper’s eyes.

It’s more important for the drivers to maintain the lamps in time. It influence both the driving comfort but also the driver’s safety. Usually before getting remind, it’s difficult for the driver to note that the headlamp, tail lamp, turn lamp and parking lamp can’t work normally. No matter which lamp don’t lit up, it indicates the lamp is broken. It must be changed for a new one. If it’s not complete broken, only is not lighter than before. We also need to change a new one. Because it’s the signs of the fault. As well, the reduce of the light is great hidden trouble to the safe. To the headlamp of the road sweeper, it needs to be change into high brightness headlamp. Then it has enough light to drive in the dark night. And you can see clearly all the details on the pavement.

Compare Between Floor Scrubber and Sanitation workers

Compare Between Floor Scrubber and Sanitation workers

1. Working efficiency

One small size hand-push automatic floor scrubber can be the equivalent of 5-7 sanitation workers’ sweeping speed.

2. Cleaning effect

Floor scrubber is equipped with built-in vacuum cleaner, so cleaning effect is well better than the sanitation workers’ traditional cleaning.

3. Security risks

If sanitation road sweeping environment with vehicles coming and going around the sanitation workers, then there is a serious safety hazard.

4. Return on investment

If A cleaning worker’s annual salary is RMB12,000, meanwhile, one Automatic floor scrubber’s market price is RMB13,000. Under this conditions, we assume that a floor scrubber can replace 5 sanitation workers, then each floor scrubber can reduce labor costs RMB47,000 per year.

Cleaning road sweeper conservation tips : change sweeping brush, cleaning box

Cleaning road sweeper conservation tips : change sweeping brush, cleaning box

When you have a clean sweep of your own way when maintenance is a matter of practical considerations. There are many areas need your regular maintenance to ensure your cleaning work to get the best protection. It is also important, to avoid any unnecessary losses due to lack of maintenance. Road Sweeper is working in the maintenance of one of the most common problems, should be based on the need for regular replacement brush sweeper.

New sweeping brush usually in about three months time, if you scan it, become clean in the effective functioning of the field. In order to ensure that you maintain a good quality of results before starting work, you should check in time sweeping brush and allowed to budget their own preparation for any possible problems, or need replacement parts. Equally important is to keep clear waste in the trash every day. This is very easy by road Sweeper high pressure hose, cleaning out at least a week, more often, if you have a high volume of garbage collection rates. This way you can keep problems to a minimum or avoid the clogging of pipes and pipe systems. Another thing you may want to consider are online looking for road Sweeper parts.

When they need to be replaced, this is a very good attempt, instead of relying on maintenance workers may not be familiar with the road Sweeper needs source part of their own ideas. It will be cheaper, you can find the best price, for their part, which means you only need to pay labor costs of professional. A good place to start, is the manufacturer's Web site, if the supplied user manual. This should give you a precise part and asked, are compatible, special road Sweeper model design for you or clear thinking. Once your part numbers, and details, and then you can search for these details. Such as various parts of the site, can be great resources for the procurement of spare parts.

When it comes to maintenance of cleaning road Sweeper vehicle source component, you can see in almost any part of the region - and even the overseas - make your best price and most appropriate transfer options can come together, this is an effective way to provide you with the correct puzzle piece. Finally, you can also receive timely maintenance, no more waiting for your choice of repairer to order parts.

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Maintenance Notice of Battery for Floor Scrubber

Floor Scrubber is widely used in the field of industrial, commercial, property and other cleanning service. This machine has brought great convenience to people's daily lives, but its battery's cleaning and maintenance work has become a troubled , let's share several ways about the cleaning and maintenance of floor scrubber, for the majority of users to resolve the concerns:

1, About the fluid level of floor scrubber's battery, it should be checked every ten days. If the liquid level close to the lead plate (do not make the plate exposed through the air), then replenish distilled water (supermarket sale) in time for the battery till to the distance below the plastic mouth about 3mm. Do not use supplemental tap water, purified water or battery dope.

2, Replenishing water step should be after the battery recharged finished.

3, Fully discharged battery should be recharged within 24 hours, otherwise it will damage the battery.

4, Make sure the right and good contact between socket and power, the charger plug and the battery connector.

5, When Floor Scrubber used for the first time, please note that the first three time of charging time should be more than 14 hours, after this it will be normal. The normal charging time is about 8 hours, if recharge under high electric current, the battery charging time may be relatively short, but high current will damage the battery life. The operator can choose to recharge after work, and disconnect the charger from work the next day. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically stop to charge.

6, If long time no use the floor scrubber, please charge the battery every two to three months.

7, Each time after using it is better to leave battery power around 20-30%, due to excessive discharge will affect the battery life.

8, If some oxides on the floor scrubber battery pole and wire connectors,  please remove it in a timely manner.

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