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Home News Environment protection industry meet the development of golden period
Environment protection industry meet the development of golden period

At present, affected by fog haze weather, fist of all profits must be environment protection equipment sectors. Such as desulfurization and denitrificaton, dust remove equipment.

'The space of market will increase sharply. But with the increasing stringent environment standards. Pollution arising from “secondary pollution” problem is also on the agenda. second pollution is the product of process of pollution. For example: the traditional way to sweep the floor or decontamination,mop and rag rub repeatedly in the wastewater, the pollution is secondary pollution. The more serious, the old road sweeper daily operation process, dust float in the sky and garbage and leakage. The small particle goes into the sky again. Secondary pollution is not only reduce the clean quantity, increase the labor cost. But also affect residents living environment and healthy. In Europe, people pay attention to the relationship of people with nature. They pay attention to the green and environment. People use mechanical modern cleaning solution.

Professional cleaning equipment originate from Europe ,low energy, high efficiency, also use the latest technology, can effectively prevent the secondary pollution. Low carbon environment protection. Let the clean work get twice result with the half effort.