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Home News Maintenance Notice of Battery for Floor Scrubber
Maintenance Notice of Battery for Floor Scrubber

Floor Scrubber is widely used in the field of industrial, commercial, property and other cleanning service. This machine has brought great convenience to people's daily lives, but its battery's cleaning and maintenance work has become a troubled , let's share several ways about the cleaning and maintenance of floor scrubber, for the majority of users to resolve the concerns:

1, About the fluid level of floor scrubber's battery, it should be checked every ten days. If the liquid level close to the lead plate (do not make the plate exposed through the air), then replenish distilled water (supermarket sale) in time for the battery till to the distance below the plastic mouth about 3mm. Do not use supplemental tap water, purified water or battery dope.

2, Replenishing water step should be after the battery recharged finished.

3, Fully discharged battery should be recharged within 24 hours, otherwise it will damage the battery.

4, Make sure the right and good contact between socket and power, the charger plug and the battery connector.

5, When Floor Scrubber used for the first time, please note that the first three time of charging time should be more than 14 hours, after this it will be normal. The normal charging time is about 8 hours, if recharge under high electric current, the battery charging time may be relatively short, but high current will damage the battery life. The operator can choose to recharge after work, and disconnect the charger from work the next day. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically stop to charge.

6, If long time no use the floor scrubber, please charge the battery every two to three months.

7, Each time after using it is better to leave battery power around 20-30%, due to excessive discharge will affect the battery life.

8, If some oxides on the floor scrubber battery pole and wire connectors,  please remove it in a timely manner.