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Home News Compare Between Floor Scrubber and Sanitation workers
Compare Between Floor Scrubber and Sanitation workers

Compare Between Floor Scrubber and Sanitation workers

1. Working efficiency

One small size hand-push automatic floor scrubber can be the equivalent of 5-7 sanitation workers’ sweeping speed.

2. Cleaning effect

Floor scrubber is equipped with built-in vacuum cleaner, so cleaning effect is well better than the sanitation workers’ traditional cleaning.

3. Security risks

If sanitation road sweeping environment with vehicles coming and going around the sanitation workers, then there is a serious safety hazard.

4. Return on investment

If A cleaning worker’s annual salary is RMB12,000, meanwhile, one Automatic floor scrubber’s market price is RMB13,000. Under this conditions, we assume that a floor scrubber can replace 5 sanitation workers, then each floor scrubber can reduce labor costs RMB47,000 per year.