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Home News Maintenance of road sweeper’s eyes
Maintenance of road sweeper’s eyes

What’s the eyes of the road sweeper? The eyes of people is an organ that can feel the light. The simple structure of eyes can feel the light and shade, turn the things that seen to the brain by nervus , and make it an image finally. The eyes of the road sweeper also used for observation of the surroundings. In the course of the sweeping and cleaning, road sweeper need batter eyes in order to see the things from the dust.

The headlamp of the truck, just as the eyes. It shows the drivers meaning,especially in the dark night. It can light your way. Then it’s important to maintenance the road sweeper’s eyes.

It’s more important for the drivers to maintain the lamps in time. It influence both the driving comfort but also the driver’s safety. Usually before getting remind, it’s difficult for the driver to note that the headlamp, tail lamp, turn lamp and parking lamp can’t work normally. No matter which lamp don’t lit up, it indicates the lamp is broken. It must be changed for a new one. If it’s not complete broken, only is not lighter than before. We also need to change a new one. Because it’s the signs of the fault. As well, the reduce of the light is great hidden trouble to the safe. To the headlamp of the road sweeper, it needs to be change into high brightness headlamp. Then it has enough light to drive in the dark night. And you can see clearly all the details on the pavement.