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Home News How to choose one most suitable hand-push floor scrubber drier
How to choose one most suitable hand-push floor scrubber drier


Generally speaking, hand-push floor scrubber need highest labor intensity for the operators. Usually after the operators working a long time they go-slow due to tired, meanwhile the cleaning width also has shrunk dramatically, so the actual cleaning efficiency just only reach 30-40% of the theoretical value; walk-behind floor scrubber's cleaning efficiency can reach 60-70% of the theoretical, because of one driving motor and low labor intensity, meanwhile brush plate in flat make actual cleaning width same with brush plate width, then the actual efficiency of one walk-behind floor scrubber is equivalent to almost two hand-push floor scrubbers; Ride-on floor scrubber need lowest labor intensity, so it can get the maximize working efficiency, 80-90% of theoretical value.

Therefore, when people need to purchase one floor scrubber, he should grasp the relationshipe between actual cleaning efficiency and the area need be cleaned.

For 3000-4000 sqm area be cleaned, hand-push floor scrubber with brush width of around 500mm is a good choice, like our YHFS-510H model.

For 4000-6000 sqm area be cleaned, walk-behind floor scrubber self-propelled type is  more suitable, like our YHFS-510HD, YHFS-580HD.

For 6000-10000 sqm area be cleaned,  big size walk-behind floor scrubber is better, like our YHFS-680H.

If the area be cleaned larger than 10000 sqm, we suggest you take ride-on floor scrubber for cleaning, like our YHFS-750R and YHFS-1200R.