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Home News Maintenance of the air-condition of road sweeper
Maintenance of the air-condition of road sweeper
The summer is coming, the temperature become higher. Our dependence on air-conditioner is growing. Because of the high temperature, the road sweeper is used more and more frequently both in the company and at home. It brings a better environment for people. Of course , the road sweepers have high technology now. It is equipped with air-conditioner inside. It brings cool for people. How to make the air-conditioner work normally ? It depends on our maintenance. We will meet many problems when use it. For example, we start it for a long time. but we still fell hot, this because the refrigeration result of the air-conditioner is broken. There’s unpleasant smell, it needs to be clean at regular intervals. Of course, you must take notice of you action when use it. Because of the hot weather, many users usually turn on the air condition as soon as get into the road sweeper, in order to make the temperature lower. But the temperature of the road sweeper itself is higher, the effect is not good thus. The users need to open the windows of the road sweeper first, and let the hot air flow out. Then open the air-conditioner, it’s better if do like this. Many users usually use the internal recycle, it’s bad for the health. It can make the oxygen become less. The carbonic oxide that the engine doesn’t burn up can go into the road sweeper. Then the air inside it is worse and worse. Even if how tired you are. Don’t use inner recycle when fall asleep. At last, users need to turn off the air-conditioner before turn off the road sweeper. It’s a protection for the engine.