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Future Development of Construction Machinery
Construction Machinery  With the development of science and technology, the variety and quantity of construction machinery will also continue to increase.A lot of resources are consumed, and emissions, dust and noise generated by construction also left a very bad impact on the environment.



It is difficult to estimate the load, while many companies are still not completely get rid of high energy consumption, low efficiency and heavy pollution, extensive traditional mode. Since the 1990s, the developed countries have entered the construction machinery during the development of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, security technology, automatic control technology, visualization technology, ergonomics, fault diagnosis and monitoring system, fleet information and control other aspects of the job is universal attention, and introduced the corresponding technical standards. China's environmental protection and energy-saving construction machinery late start, lack of appropriate technical regulations and standards, environmental, safety and other aspects of human targets too low, which hinders the development of green construction machinery.

International trade disputes in recent years by the tariff barriers are gradually transferred to the environment, "environment" has become a constraint and limited trade liberalization, new factors, construction machinery product design and manufacturing must be considered to adapt to environmental and ecological development. Therefore, development of environmentally friendly, energy-saving products will inevitably become the development trend of the future construction machinery.




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