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Classification of high pressure cleaning machine
 high pressure washer  According to the motive, it is divided into diesel driven high pressure cleaning machine, gasoline engine driven high pressure washer, motor driven high pressure washer three. The differences of these three are that the use of diesel, gasoline engine, which is connected to the motor drive high-pressure pump.

Drive cleaning machine of high pressure cleaning machine and diesel driven by gasoline engine can moving independently without mobile towing line .

According to the function, it is divided into commercial, industrial, household three. Firstly, high pressure cleaning machine industry, usually have some special requirements, such as water cutting. Secondly, the demostic high pressure cleaning machine, pressure, flow rate and life are relative in low level, the main advantage is portable,moving neatly,operating simpl. Thirdly, commercial high pressure cleaning machine, the parameters are higher, and the number of using is frequent, using a long time, living longer commonly.

According to the water temperature, it is divided into hot-water high-pressure cleaner and hot-water high-pressure cleaner two , hot water high pressure cleaner can use the combustion cylinder to heat water. Using hot water can wash dirt and grease which a lot of cold water is not easy to wash , so the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved. But most users will choose high pressure cold water washing machine, because the hot water cleaning machine is in higher prices and cost a lot of money to operate; certainly, some customers still select hot water high pressure cleaning machine in order to improve the cleaning efficiency and effectly.


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