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Home News How to choose a sweeper ?
How to choose a sweeper ?
 battery street sweeper yh-b1150  The sweeper is one of a family of floor cleaning machines using rotary brushes to sweep up dust and solid debris. When equipped with a vacuum for better dirt removal, it is called a suction sweeper.


Different kinds of sweepers are suitable for different uses.
- The manual sweeper has no motor; it is used to clean small areas. As the operator pushes it, a series of belts activates the brushes.
- A model appropriate for larger areas runs on batteries or an internal combustion engine. The motor propels the machine and turns the brushes, but the operator must still walk behind to guide it.
- Large areas are best cleaned by a self-propelled machine ridden by the operator, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.
- Street sweepers are designed for extensive outdoor areas. They are large and powerful, using an internal combustion engine and hydrostatic drive.
How to choose
Choice of sweeper type will depend on the size of the area to be cleaned and related factors (interior vs. exterior, frequency of use, etc.). Choice of model depends on efficiency, measured in area cleaned per hour.

- Removes dry waste

- Does not remove liquids or stains

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