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Home News How to choose a road sweeper ?
How to choose a road sweeper ?
 road sweeper yhd21  The road sweeper is a machine used to clean roads and large outdoor areas. It can remove both light and heavy dirt and debris (paper, sawdust, dirt, bottles, cans, etc.).

Street sweeper are used to clean very large areas, such as shopping center and airport parking lots, the gutters of roadways and pedestrian streets, etc.

Since street sweepers must clean enormous outdoor areas, they have a powerful internal combustion engine and hydrostatic drive, affording them nearly unlimited range and independence. They include a water tank and a debris-crushing system to facilitate brush action and avoid dirt dispersion. Debris is stored in a holding tank for subsequent removal. The driver usually sits in a closed cab, which may be heated or air conditioned.

How to choose
Choice will be guided by the size of the area to be cleaned. This will determine required efficiency (in square meters per hour), size, power and the capacity of the water tank and the debris holding tank.

- Powerful
- Suitable for very large areas
- Extended range
- Driver comfort

- Expensive
- Bulky


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