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Home News 2010 Yihong Technology Innovation awards ceremony has been convened.
2010 Yihong Technology Innovation awards ceremony has been convened.

2010 Technology Innovation awards ceremony has been convened by Zhengzhou Yihong Industry Equipment Co.,ltd

-----Total of 24 patents, 7 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements rewarded in 2010.

On February 26th, 2011, the Technology Innovation awards ceremony has been convened in the conference room of Zhengzhou Holiday Inn Hotel. Host by the Group CEO Jianhong Fu, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of Henan Province Daimin Zhang, Vice Mayor of Zhengzhou city Chuande Zheng, Director general of Science and Technology Brureau Taojun Han, Deputy Director General Jianguo Zhang and Chief Engineer Dongjie Liang attended the meeting. Chairman Liangqi Zhang, Vice President Haibin Zhang, and other 11 subsidiaries leaders under the group attended the assembly .
At the meeting, Chaireman Liangqi Zhang,has made an important speech, systematically summarized the achievements over the past year, and is fully affirmed the group's achievements in 2010. Deputy Mayor Chuande Zheng has made a necessity of a speech on the importance of independent scientific and technological innovation, and proposed guiding advice in which pointed out a more brilliant way forward development of Zhengzhou Yihong.

The Vice President Haibin Zhang, announced the award, there are 18 group members who acquired the awards.

There are five Technology Innovation Achievement Awards in period of 2010

1. Obtained Nation Patents Awards 2010.
2. Obtained Scientific and Technological Achievements and Technology Profress Award.

3. Obtained The Provincial Scientific and Technological Projects, energy efficient isolation rban rail cleaning device award 2010

4. Obtained series of highway integrated maintenance equipment and industrial project awards 2010.

5. Obtained cooperation projects award with Henan Academy of Sciences of  isolation barrier washing machine 2010.


Leaders in technological innovation: Liguan Feng, LiuJian Zhi (second and third from left)


Yihong staffs Baicai Min,Haitao Hong win the award (from left third, fourth)


Yihong staffs Shumin Yao, Yuping Zhou (from left third, fourth)


Yihong staffs Baicai Min Hong, ZHANG Li-mei, Tong Tin Yi, Cui Zhuo, etc (from left)