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Battery Sweeper YHB16

This electric sweeper is designed with double powers, dry and wet sweeping. Double powers are micro generator and Lithium-Ion battery.

Battery Sweeper YHB16 Features:

1. Power system: this electric sweeper is designed with double powers, dry and wet sweeping. Double powers are micro generator and Lithium-ion battery. These two powers can drive sweeper travel and work separately. In order to save energy and reduce exhaust the generator is only for emergency condition. When the battery is dead, start generator to drive sweeper work, meanwhile charge battery.
2. Control system: the sweeper is concentrative controlled by micro computer.
3. Steering system: electric steering structure, front and rear frame is connected by hinge, the operation of control steering is very simple, small turning radius. (has applied patent)
4. Suction device: it is designed with electric high speed blower and high efficiency suction port, which save energy and transport garbage into dustbin favorably. (has applied patent)
5. Dust removing style: the dust removing device with centrifuge, static electricity, filter and impulse which ensure the exhaust air does not has second pollution. (has applied patent)
6. Dumping style: the dumping style adopts high post dumping structure, and the dump can be operated by remote control. (has applied patent)
7. Electric heater: the target is to improve technology and offer an electric heater with simple structure, heat transfer need not any refrigerant, can work on end, cooling and heating are integrative, cooled and heated time is very short, can offer heating whether engine offer heat source or not. (has applied patent)
8. Environmental protection, save energy, silent: this electric sweeper changes the design concept of traditional sweeper. New structure has the features of high transmission efficiency, small size, simple structure, saving energy, low exhaust and noise, this sweeper is suitable for city square and residential area.

Battery Sweeper YHB16 Technical Parameters:

Model YHB16
Sweeping width 1200 - 1600mm
Suction port width 500mm
Clean water tank volume 150L
Max spraying water capacity 0.8L/Min about 3 hours
Dustbin volume 260L
Dustbin dump height ≥1300mm
Lithium-ion battery 48V /400Amp-hr
Sweeping speed 0-5Km/h
Travel speed 0-25Km/h
Dimension 3650*1300*2110mm


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