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Mobile garbage compressor

Mobile garbage compressor:

Mobile trash compression transfer equipment produced by our company possesses feature of large trash treatment capacity, high treatment efficiency, noiselessness, and no stink, especially powerful during peek time. This equipment asks for low requirement of transferring location, trash collection and transferring can be processed only easy civil engineering needed. Compression equipment and trash transfer bin mutually work together, convenient to compress, dump. It not only reduces transport capacity waste, but also relieves transportation pressure, meeting the demand of trash transferring at easy location lately. In the meanwhile, compressing box has excellent sealing performance, which can solve the problems arising from transportation, and short-time storage is available.

Mobile garbage compressor features:

1. Domestically leading technology, easy control, and reliable operation, low noise, beautiful and harmonious.
2. Machine and box makes one, flexible transferring mechanism ensuring very first time treatment at transferring station.
3. Machine and box makes one, flexible transferring mechanism ensuring very first time treatment at transferring station.
4. Control mode falls into two as energy-saving mode and normal mode. Energy-saving mode used when trash quantity is not much, compressing push shovel moves only once; Compressing push shovel can move 5 times back and forth when trash quantity is much by using normal mode. The push shovel movement order is controlled through pressure switch.
5. Hydraulic system uses single motor& pump structure, rear door locking oil cylinder calls for hydraulic lock design to avoid oil cylinder becoming loose.
6. There are two control systems, one is the operation cabinet fixed on compressor, the other is remote-controller, designed to reduce wiring harness winding, beautifully outlined. The two can be controlled separately.
7. Small floor area, low facility construction investment, flexible and convenient, simple mate equipment and low operation cost.

Mobile garbage compressor technical parameters:

Model YHS2000 YHS1700 YHS1500 YHS1000
GW 6500 kg 5800 kg 5000 kg 3500 kg
Garbage bin capacity 20 m3 17 m3 15 m3 10 m3
Ability to deal with rubbish 80 m3/h 70 m3/h 60 m3/h 50 m3/h
Max. waste loading capacity 14 t 12.5 t 11 t 7 t
System working pressure 21 Mpa 21 Mpa 21 Mpa 21 Mpa
Dimension L×W×H 6300×2440×2400 mm 59×2440×2400 mm 5400×2440×2400 mm 4700×2000×2140 mm

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