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Vertical garbage compressor

Vertical garbage compressor:

This equipment is used to compress garbage, garbage reduction capacity of close to 1 / 2, to reduce the number of waste transfer times and improve waste transport efficiency, reduce waste transport costs, reduce waste transfer in the secondary pollution. The work of garbage compression equipment, storage, sewage leachate collection are in the ground to complete, ensure the workplace clean and hygienic. The equipment for the city, town, village, residential garbage transfer station.

Vertical garbage compressor:

1.The storage and compression of garbage is under the ground and there is no garbage left on the ground to protect the environment.
2.The vertical compression method is adopted to ensure the large the compression force and compressed density of the garbage block.
3.The investment in the equipment is few and the land-occupied area of the equipment is small.
4.The automatic operation is adopted for the equipment to reduce the labor strength of sanitary worker.
5.The garbage storage box is set for the convenience of unloading of container-type garbage transporter so as to reduce the transporting expense.

Vertical garbage compressor technical parameters:

Model YH0401 YH0400 YH0301 YH0300
Max compress capacity /day 100 t 120 80 80
Rated compress capacity /day 100 t 100 t 100 t 100 t
Size of Garbage piece 1800×1600×1400 mm 1800×1600×1400 mm 1800×1600×1100 mm 1800×1600×1100 mm
Weight of Garbage piece 4 4 3 3
System working pressure 25 Mpa 25 Mpa 25 Mpa 25 Mpa
Power 15+11  kw 15+11  kw 15+11  kw 15+11  kw
Dimension L×W×H 6060×5180×5790 mm 7970×5900×5790 mm 6060×5180×5200 mm 6060×5180×7100 mm

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