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Road Sweeper Tractor YHRS Serive

Road Sweeper Tractor YHRS Serive

This tractor sweeper machine is composed of rotary broom and hydraulic control systems. Mainly used for cleaning the surface laitance on the road; Mud caking solid attachments; the dust and garbage on the road. This machine is mainly applied for the area of road construction, maintenance, snow removal and other engineering jobs,surface treatment, can also be used for road sweeping in the rural area, where the garbage no need collection and winter snow removal jobs.

Road Sweeper Tractor YHRS Serive Features

1. Adopt 3 point linkage, matching for all model tractors.
2. Adopt the widely used hydraulic output as power source, reliable work, high performace.
3. Optional device: USA Eaton motor.
4. Optional device: garbage bin, collect garbage and avoiding the second time pollution.
5. P/P, steel wire, two brush meterials avaliable for all different working conditions.
6. Roller shaft adopts seamless alloy.

Road Sweeper Tractor YHRS Serive Techinical Parameters

Model YHRS120 YHRS160 YHRS180
Structure weight 180kg 220kg 240kg
Overall dimension 1380*800*800mm 1780*800*800mm 1980*800*800mm
Brush wridth 1180 mm 1580 mm 1780 mm
work efficiency 16800 m2 /hr 22100 m2 /hr 24800 m2 /hr
Required tractor power 20-45 kw 50-75 kw 50-100 kw
Connecting method with tractor 3 point suspension
Driveline specification Motor drive
Brush material PP
Brush axle material Seamless steel
brush rotation speed 180 rpm
Brush diameter 560 mm

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