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Road Sweeper YHJ5160

Road Sweeper YHJ5160:

The YHJ5160 road sweeper is specially suited for uneven roads and jobs involve dirt, sand, millings, general street sweeping, leaves and road debris applications. The Whirlwind has also been recognized as powerful tool for restoration of permeable pavement. The Whirlwind is excellent for general street sweeping and routine catch basin cleaning.

Road Sweeper YHJ5160 Features:

1.Auxiliary Cummins engine EQ4BT3.9-C77, the engine is reliable, low fuel consumption, can adapt to the harsh environments.
2.Vice engine clutch release mechanism adopts electro-pneumatic clutch, engagement, separation, reliable, low failure rate, no-load starting requirements to ensure the fan
3.The Clutch release mechanism of the auxiliary engone adopts electro-pneumatic clutch, engagement, separation reliable, low failure rate, ensure the requirement of no-load operation.
4.The dedicated fan adopts Danish technology, high efficiency, low noise, self-cleaning blade structure, no secondary pollution .
5.Dual sweep plate, double-suction mouth, both sides can word independently, sweep plate with locking mechanism and buffer avoidance function, adjustable ground pressure.It can meet all working requirement be different roads, improve cleaning efficiency, reduce wearing brush loss, and reduce the cost.
6.The angle of suction mouth can be adjusted up and down. In case of bricks, cans and other large garbages, controlled pneumatic cylinders to rise the upturned edge, suck bulky waste. Internal of the suction hose equipped with nozzle to spraying water to restrain the dust, no secondary pollution.

Road Sweeper YHJ5160 Technical Parameters:

Model YHJ5160
Chassis ISUZU
Engine model and Power Cummins EQ4BT3.9C77 77/3600
Max sweeping width 2.4 m
Max sucking diameter 120 mm
Sweeping speed 520 km/h
Sweeping efficiency 95%
Garbage tank capacity 8 m3
Water tank capacity 2000 L
Max mass 15700 kg
Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 7000*2490*3020 mm

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