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Road Sweeper YHJ5163

Road Sweeper truck YHJ5163 sweeps roads mainly by sweeping and suction functions,Perfect combine unit for special reverse blow structure and building in rotary broom, which can increase sweep efficacy greatly,

Street Sweeper YHJ5163:

Street Sweeper truck YHJ5163 sweeps roads mainly by suction and blowing functions, perfect combine unit for special reverse blow structure and building in rotary broom, which can increase sweep efficacy greatly. The vehicle is suitable for road cleaning of urban streets, squares, airports, wharfs, etc. It works by picking up gravel, rind, scrap of paper, cigarette end, kernel, plastic bag, stone, brick, grains of sand, dust, and etc.

Street Sweeper YHJ5163 Features:

1. This street sweeper truck adopted combine unit for suction and sweeping, dust collection to sweep road and keep road in cleanness condition.
2. Cleaning device has function for automatic prevent and protection when meet faults and automatic reset, which can avoid damage for cleaning device.
3. Front sweep in right and left can work individual or linkage in effect. Sweep trap speed can be adjusted and chose for high, middle and low level in according with its working requirements, which can ensure to get good sweep effect and cut down operating cost.
4. Perfect combine unit for special reverse blow structure and building in rotary broom, which can increase sweep efficacy greatly, compared with other products, which can suit to mightiness sweep for duty road and keep good condition for normal road.
5. It adopted stainless steel inner and industrial plastic water tank, more durable.
6. The hydraulic system has set up by the dual hydraulic power components that the force taken by the Vice-engine and chassis. When the vice engine shutdown, the power taked from chassis will finish dustbin discharge, sweeping plate and the nozzle lift.
7. Option for user: Color or White and Black TV monitor, assistance suck device, suck iron device, cleaning device for guardrail, snow shovel and other additional functions.
8. Option: Chassis Model: EQ 31 41G73J

Street Sweeper YHJ5163 Technical Parameters:

Model YHJ5163
Chassis model DFL1160BX2(Euro III)
Chassis engine power 136kw/2500r/min
Auxiliary engine power 118kw/2600r/min
Max. laden weight 14805kg
Max Running Speed 85km/h
Max. sweeping width 3.5m
Hopper capacity 8m³
water tank capacity 1600L
Overall size 7875×2470×2920mm




Good quality import hydraulic motor to drive the brooms.For vigorous sweeping, with rotational speed of brooms adjustable, and more secured and reliable front brooms with anti-corrision function.

Modular hydraulic valves highly integrated and hydraulic pipelines neatly arranged in nice appearance, very easy to maintenance.



The cab provide with air-conditioning device for a comfortable operating environment, and good quality imported electrical components fitted in the centralized control electrical box, easy for operation.

Cummins water cooled and turbocharged diesel engine to drive the special fan blower of the road sweeper, typical of vigorous power.

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