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Road Washer YHD5167:
YHD5167 cleaning sweeper is a new generation of special vehicle which chassis is DONGFENG TIANJIN and its wheelbase is 5 m. This vehicle adopts the structure of two brush discs in the middle of the truck and combination of suction plate and flush frame, it has functions of large flow flush and sprinkle like sprinkling truck, no seeper when high pressure flush and no dust when sweep. If it can not flush in the cold winter, this vehicle can sweep road as a genneral sweeper. So this vehicle is a real substitutes of sweeper and high pressure cleaning truck.

Road Washer YHD5167 Features:
1. Powerful Commins engine, blower with high efficiency and low noise, strong suction.
2. High pressure postion pump is imported from Italy, high pressure and big flow.
3. Brush plate and water rack can avoid obstacle automatically, which prevent from damaging effectively.
4. It adopts lift and push dump garbage, what make dumping neatly.
5. Huge low pressure watering is more suitable for clean road surface.
6. A multi-purpose vehicle, it has function of sweeping and cleaning.

Road Washer YHD5167 Techinical Parameters:

Model YHD5167
Chassis Model DFL1160BX5(Euro IV)
Max speed 90km/h
Max total mass 16000kg
Sewagetark volume 7.5m3
High pressure flushing width ≥4mm
High pressure flush hydraulic pressure 152Mpa
High pressure flushing flux 10L/min
Dimension 8805*2465*3095mm

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