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Road Washer YHD5250

This new generation high pressure road washer is mainly used in washing city roads, squares, highways,etc.

Road Wahser YHD5250 Features:

1.Modularization designing,multi-function.
2.The key components of the truck is imported from world famous factories, such as water pump, high pressure nozzle and hydraulic components.
3.Low pressure watering, high efficiency and saving energy.
4.High pressure watering, high efficiency and saving water.
5.It has the function of sopping up water. Add water, it is convenient to add water, Humanity design, time saving.
6.The tank is made of stainless steel or adopts metal antisepsis.
7.It has a beater in the tank, mixing snow melting agent or pesticide and water.
8.It can be equipped with snow plough,barrier cleaning device, lifting platform and sewer dredging device.

Road Washer YHD5250 Techinical Parameters:

Model YHD5250
Chassis Model DFL1250A8 (Euro Ⅲ)
Max speed 90 km/h
Cleaning width 2.5-3.5 m
Water pressure 10 Mpa
Flow capacity 152 L/min
Watering width ≧24 m
Watering capacity 500-800 L/min
Spraying gun gunshot 38 m
Max Total mass 25000 kg
Water tank volume 16 m3
Dimension 10720×2495×3030 mm

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