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Sewer Cleaning Vehicle YHL5101

This kind of truck is produced by importing technology of Germany Halle Environmental System Limited Company.

Sewer Cleaning Vehicle YHL5101 Features:

1. This kind of truck  is produced by  importing  technology of Germany Halle Environmental System Limited Company.
2. Uses QL10508HARY chassis, class II truck chassis of China Heavy-duty Truck Company.
3. Uses automobile engine as power source, is equipped with importing high pressure water pump, compression vacuum pump, oil pump and hydraulic motor, generates high pressure water to wash and dredge pipe.
4. Forms various functions such as high vacuum degree suction of slurry, and is used for washing underground sewage pipe, collecting and transporting liquid wastes such as urban living liquid waste and construction mud.

Sewer Cleaning Vehicle YHL5101 Technical Parameters:

Model YHL5101
Chassis type QL10508HARY
Drive style 4*2
Engine power 96 kw
Diameter of suction pipe 100 mm
Suction depth ≥8 m
Overall dimension of tank(L*W*H) 1300 x3870 mm
Effective capacity of tank 5 m3
Lift angle 30 °
Opening angle of rear tank door 60 °
Curb weight 4300 kg
Max. speed 90 km/h
Total mass 10500 kg
Overall dimension of truck(L*W*H) 6975 x 2462 x 2690 mm

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