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Sewer Cleaning Vehicle YHL5160

YHL5160 high pressure washing and suction combination truck is produced by importing technology of Germany Halle Environmental System Limited Company.

Sewer Cleaning Vehicle YHL5160 Features:

1. Vacuum pump of the truck makes tank body generate negative pressure and positive
pressure, and ensures suction and pressure discharge functions.
2. High pressure plunger pump generates high pressure water jet, makes the nozzle generate reaction force and
advance in pipe.
3. Powerful dredging function on blockage material in pipe, and can wash pipe and clean pipe wall effectively.
4. The truck has various features such as low working negative pressure, high volume efficiency, large suction depth, quick loading and unloading speed and large washing and dredging action force.
5. All movements of the truck uses hydraulic drive,  this makes its structure more simple and compact and control system reliable, so the truck is typical product of mechanic, electric and hydraulic combination.

Sewer Cleaning Vehicle YHL5160 Technical Parameters:

Model YHL5160
Chassis model ZZ1164G4715C1
Drive style 4*2
Engine power 140 kw
Diameter of suction tube 100 mm
Suction depth ≥8 m
Tank dimensions(Diameter*Width) 1650 x 5330 mm
Tank capacity 10 m3
Max speed 99 km/h
Lift angle 30 °
Opening angle of rear tank door 60 °
complete vehicle kerb mass 7500 kg
total mass 16000 kg
pumping rate 318 m3/h
rated speed 1300 rpm
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 7750*2480*3260 mm

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